Austin’s Drag Is About to Become Less Weird - Brave New Books is Moving Locations After 11 Years

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Austin’s Drag Is About to Become Less Weird - Brave New Books is Moving Locations After 11 Years


Austin, TX - Brave New Books, Austin’s favorite anti-establishment bookstore and health supplement shop, is moving locations after 11 years on the south Drag.  The move is taking place at the end of April and according to Brave New Book’s operator John Bush, “the bookstore is coming out of the basement and into the light.”

John and his wife Catherine Bleish say the store is expanding into the three new locations.  The flagship location will be at Spider House Cafe.  Said John Bush, “we are excited to be partnering with Spider House, an institution that goes hand in hand with Austin’s alternative community.  We will be setting up a mobile bookstore before the end of the summer and will continue our amazing events and community outreach at their awesome venue.”

Brave New Books will also be offering their best selling products at two “Brave Outposts”.  Capital Coin and Bullion, a like minded silver and gold dealer that has been in operation since 2008, will be hosting a mini-Brave New Books location and a botanical shop on 12th and Nueces be carrying many of Brave’s most popular health products, including kratom and CBD.

Additionally, Brave New Books will be partnering with Juiceland to offer patrons a wide selection of books on self improvement and mindfulness.  Brave New Books titles will be available at three locations this summer.

Catherine Bleish believes this growth is a result of her and John’s ability to innovate in the face of adversity.  “To be honest when we bought the store two years ago, we were unprepared for the challenges that doing business in austin would bring”, she said.  “We have found creative and innovative ways to better meet the needs of our customers and these new partnerships are only the beginning.”

Catherine says they are also launching a viral blog called Brave.World as well as a self improvement group called Brave New You.  

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