Black Friday Kratom Sale - All Week at Brave New Books

We want to fill you in on our Black Friday Kratom Sale!
Now through Black Friday........
40% OFF Brave Botanicals Maeng Da Ounces with coupon code"maengda40"
Was $20, now $12!
15% off the following strains with coupon code "blackfridaykratom"
Buy some Red, get some Yellow - Buy some Yellow, get some Red
Buy four ounces of red relaxation ($40) and get one free ounce of yellow awakening.
Buy four ounces of yellow awakening ($40) and get one free ounce of red relaxation.
Special pricing for Maeng Da, Red Relaxation, and Yellow Awakening Kilos and Half Kilos
Half Kilo - was $150 / now $100
Full Kilo - was $200 / now $150
Half Kilo - was $130 / now $90
Full Kilo - was $175 / now $140
Thanks for buying your Kratom with Brave New Books!
We greatly appreciate your business.
Happy Kratom!

If you have not yet, please submit a public comment to the federal government about how kratom benefits your life and why you believe it should remain legal and unregulated.  
Support the Texas Kratom Coalition which is working to keep Kratom legal in Texas.
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