Brave New Books to Offer Native Hemp Solutions CBD!

CBD Natural Health

After careful consideration of different CBD vendors, we have decided to partner with Native Hemp Solutions in order to offer our customers the highest quality and most effective CBD Oil on the market.

Native Hemp Solutions is a partnership between Enerhealth Botanicals, the producers of Enerfood, and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.  In order to ensure the highest quality product, Mike Adams has pioneered an innovative and state of the art CBD testing sytem.  

After finding that many CBD Oils on the market were way off on their concentration and quality claim, Mike reached out to Enerhealth Botanicals to start their own CBD line.  The result was Native Hemp Solutions CBD.

To learn more or to pre-order your Native Hemp Solutions CBD Oil today, follow this link: NATIVE HEMP SOLUTIONS CBD AT BRAVE NEW BOOKS

Towards a healthy 2017,

John Bush
Managing Partner
Brave New Books

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