Fredricksburg Family has Home Raided and Legal CBD Oil and Kratom Taken by Kerrville Police



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Michelle Alvord, operator of the business that was raided


Fredricksburg Family has Home Raided and Legal CBD Oil and Kratom Taken by Kerrville Police

Fredericksburg, TX - A Fredericksburg man was arrested last night after the Kerrville Narcotics Unit raided his family home looking for cannabis oil and cannabis paraphernalia.  The man, Dominic Alvord, along with his wife Michelle, operate an online natural health store selling hemp based CBD (Cannabidiol) oil and kratom, a natural herb which is used for pain relief, stress, and to help overcome addiction.  

The warrant authorizing the raid was specifically looking for cannabis oil and cannabis paraphernalia.  According to Michelle, who was at home with their six year old daughter when the raid took place, there was no cannabis oil or paraphernalia to be found.  Instead, the police seized two bottles of legal CBD oil and the couple’s entire inventory of kratom.

The raid comes on the heels of another seizure of CBD oil which took place in Austin, TX.  Earlier this week, Department of Public Safety officers threatened Bill Swail, owner of People’s Pharmacy, with arrest and made off with the natural pharmacy’s entire inventory of CBD oil.

According to a recent press release put out by the Texas Hemp Industries Association, “Cannabidiol derived from a legal industrial hemp plant is an essential oil, like lavender or peppermint, and is not subject to the regulation established by the Texas Compassionate Use Act.”  The Texas Compassionate Use Act legalizes and regulates the sale of cannabis based CBD oil, allowing certain Texans who suffer from seizures to consume oils with up to 5% THC content.  Hemp based CBD oil is currently unregulated and there are no laws prohibiting its sale and consumption in the State of Texas.

While the DEA has announced that it plans to classify Kratom as a Schedule 1 drug come the end of September, at this point it is entirely legal in Texas.

Michelle is still trying to make sense of what happened.  She stated in a Facebook post online that, “they came to my house, banged on my door, scared my six year old, kicked my little dog in the head, and threatened to take my daughter!” They carried forward with their threat the next day when agents of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services showed up to her door.  Her child was not present at the time.

With Hemp based CBD oil and Kratom being legal in Texas, it remains to be seen what Dominic Alvord will be charged with or what legal authority the Kerrville Narcotics Unit and the judge who signed the warrant had for executing the raid.


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