About Us

Who We Are: Brave New Books is a retail store located in the heart of Austin, Texas. Our sometimes controversial and cutting edge products will expand your mind, shatter your paradigms, and inspire you to change your life!

Products: We are known for our diverse book selection that includes all things Conspiracy, economic policy, history, and politics. We also have feature selections about sustainability, survival, preparedness, health, and we have an expansive used books selection. 

Some of our best selling products are not books at all!

  • Natural Health (Tangy Tangerine, My Magic Mud)
  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin ATM, Secure Paper Wallets, Miners)
  • Apparel (T-Shirts, Shopping Bags)
  • DVDs (Documentaries, Fiction)
  • Music (Liberty, Conspiracy)

  • Community: Our bookstore has an amazing community of diverse and active people. We have politicos and anarchists, lefties and conservatives, but most importantly we are a bunch of curious people on a quest for the truth. We hold weekly events that are open to the public, please come check us out!

    Capital Coin and Bullion Outpost Address 7304 Burnet Rd. Austin, TX 78757
    Phone 512-954-1700
    Email BraveNewBooks@hushmail.com
    Yelp http://www.yelp.com/biz/brave-new-books-austin

    Store Hours: 

    Sunday: 12 - 7 PM
    Monday: 12 - 7 PM
    Tuesday: 12 - 7 PM
    Wednesday: 12 - 7 PM
    Thursday: 12 - 7 PM 
    Friday: 12 - 7 PM
    Saturday: 12 - 7 PM 


    Established in 2006.

    We've been steadily operating since August 2006 just a few blocks from the University of Texas Austin campus. We're not a stable nexus of Austin political, social, and health activism; we provide a central location and neutral meeting ground for activist groups of all varieties and goals. We're currently focusing on ways to move out of solely providing information, and become more a part of the solutions-process, solutions to problems discussed in the literature and movies found in our store. We're also looking to host more music shows in our new coffeshop area, so call us or write us an email if you'd like to play at our store!