Bitcoin: Millionaire Maker or Monopoly Money?

Bitcoin: Millionaire Maker or Monopoly Money?

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by Yvonne Jenkins

After Bitcoin's meteoric rise in price from $13 to over $1,000 in 2013, everyone's been asking me - What is Bitcoin? Will it revolutionize the current monetary system? Will it make me rich if I invest in it now? So I set about answering these questions and many more! In the pages of Bitcoin: Millionaire Maker or Monopoly Money? You will find all you need to know about Bitcoin, whether you are considering buying, mining or getting paid in Bitcoin. This book explains what Bitcoin is and explores how to use it and trade it. The million dollar question is: Has it got the potential to usher in a paradigm shift in our monetary systems? Because, if it does just a few pounds, euros, yen or dollars invested in it today could make you a millionaire in the future! Don't worry about jargon such as blocks, blockchain, hashing, wallets, private keys, or mining. You will learn about them all in this straightforward, concise and objective Bitcoin guide. Learn how to get started quickly and safely. This complex subject is broken down into bite-sized topic headings. This book is relevant for both Bitcoin beginners and those seeking more technical information on mining and investing in Bitcoin. You will discover: The history behind Bitcoin mania How the Bitcoin crypto currency works How to buy Bitcoin How to earn in Bitcoin How to mine Bitcoin The safest online wallet providers How to use online and offline wallets for maximum security How the Blockchain records ownership of Bitcoins and prevents double-spending The cryptographic techniques used for transaction processing How solving a proof of work problem can create new money in mining Which mining hardware is the best Other alternative currencies - past and present Who are Bitcoin's current competitors How does Bitcoin compare to Gold Which online and offline markets to buy Bitcoins at Will Bitcoin survive? - a must read for anyone seriously considering investing in Bitcoin! Links to some of the best explanatory Bitcoin websites and much more...

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