Donate to Help with Brave New Books Move to a New Location

Donate to Help with Brave New Books Move to a New Location

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It is with mixed feelings that I announce that come May 1st, Brave New Books will no longer be operating out of 1904 Guadalupe St.  With our lease coming up at the end of April, the building's landlord has decided to lease the space to a different tenant.  

At this point, our plan is to move the store to a different location where we can continue to provide you with amazing products and continue to host informative and inspirational events.  

We are weighing all of our options and soon will be sending out a survey and hosting a community meeting so you can take part in determining our next move. 

We are also planning to establish Brave Outposts, partnering business that offer Brave's best selling products, so we can better meet your subversive literature and natural health needs. We will also be launching the Brave Buyers Club where you can regularly purchase your favorite products on autoship with discounts and free shipping. 

Catherine, the rest of the team, and myself are looking at this change as a welcome opportunity to bring Brave out of the basement and above ground in to the light.  We have experienced a massive growth in customer base and revenue in the past several months and intend to use this opportunity to grow our momentum and reach even more people with the message of freedom, decentralization, and healthy living. 

If you know of any potential spots in Central Texas, please let us know.  If you have any ideas or concerns, please reach out to us and share your thoughts.  We would love to buy a piece of property if the financial support and opportunity were to present itself.

If you want to help with our transition, here's what you can do:

1. Continue to grace us with your business.  We will be fully operational for all of March and almost all of April.  Stop by and chat, buy some products, or check out one of our events listed below. 

2. Be on the lookout for cool spots and share with us what you find.

3. Fill out our survey when we send it out online.  We will also have physical copies in store.

4. Donate to help us cover our moving costs and potential marketing and infrastructure needs:
- Donate with card here:
- Send BTC here: 1WYw3grcfaaYVKdzJg8BJiLhxvcBEqoXo
- Donate cash in person at Brave.

Thanks for your continual support throughout the years.  The best is yet to come!


John Bush
Brave New Books