Hardcover Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us

Hardcover Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us

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by Jim Marrs

"Jim Marrs explores the conspiracies to undo America's values through the lens of guns, oil, and drugs - and offers prescriptive solutions to fix our nation"--

Bad FoodBad WaterBad DrugsBad AirWhat if these are all part of a global plot?

From the food we eat and the water we drink to the air we breathe, everything these days seems capable of killing us. Recently we have seen an unprecedented number of deaths due to medications for diseases that may not even exist, obscure cancers caused by our modern devices, and brutal police tactics. All a coincidence? Think again. In Population Control, acclaimed journalist Jim Marrs lays out a stunning case for his most audacious conspiracy yet: the scheme concocted by a handful of global elites to reduce the world's population to 500 million by whatever means necessary and make a profit from it.

Marrs, the bestselling author of Rule by Secrecy and The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy, pulls no punches in exposing this evil and chillingly effective plan. He explains how a small group of tremendously wealthy and powerful people controls virtually every important industry guns, oil, pharmaceuticals, food, and of course the media and how it uses this vast network of conglomerates to take actions that lead to the deaths of men and women all over the world.

Marrs answers tough questions the corporate-controlled media wouldn't even dream of asking: Could the CDC be secretly behind the recent Ebola outbreak that gripped the world? Who is responsible for the explosion in prescriptions for potentially deadly medications, and who profits? Why are local American police officers being sent to Israel for training in counterterrorism methods? Why might water be the deadliest weapon of the twenty-first century?

In the explosive Population Control, Marrs lays bare the damning truths corporate owners don't want you to discover: how they've spied on private citizens, intentionally spread disease, and destroyed the planet chasing profits, all to improve the lives of a privileged few while eliminating everyone else. Finally, he offers a citizen's blueprint for fighting back."

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