The Bitcoin Blockchain: Following the Money: Who Really Uses Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin Blockchain: Following the Money: Who Really Uses Bitcoin?

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by Mr Philip Carl Mullan

This book follows Bitcoin users as their value moves through the blockchain. These situations are based real life stories and provide insight into who is using Bitcoin, what advantages the platform offers and why people choose Bitcoin over conventional bank products. Bitcoin is a new innovative version of electronic cash. The payment platform delivers a wealth of advantages to all users. For those without access to regular banking services, Bitcoin has proven to be extremely beneficial. However, just as anonymous cash notes are preferred by criminals to help conceal their activity, Bitcoin is also preferred by some of the world's worst criminals. Every day, Bitcoin moves through the blockchain advancing freedom around the world, and every day Bitcoin also caters to anonymous illegal activity. With any electronic cash product, such as Bitcoin, it is impossible to have the good without the bad. While this is a fictional tale, it is based on actual situations, people and events from today's headlines and the author's 15 years of digital currency experience. The book also details some of the flawed actions of government agencies and prosecutors in their ongoing attempts to curtail illegal Bitcoin activity. It is also necessary to understand that in today's info-apocalypse world, those seeking to destroy another's reputation will directly associate that party with terrorism, child pornography, money laundering or drugs. This statement rings true throughout the past decade of digital currency media coverage. Characters: Seattle, Washington Julia & longtime boyfriend Steven are in their late twenties and living just outside of Seattle. The couple recently became Bitcoin miners. They are enthusiastic Bitcoin supporters, attend local Meetups in the area and generously donate to causes supported by the Bitcoin community. West Africa James heads up the Africa Clean Water team (ACW), a non-profit drilling clean drinking water wells in Nigeria. The entire operation is funded through Bitcoin donations. Raqqa, Syria Amir was formerly a part of the "media wing" for al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). He is now in charge of the Islamic State's social media campaign and western online recruiting. He also publishes the new modern Jihadist English language online magazine. For the past year, he has been funding new recruits using Bitcoin and been arranging new anonymous Bitcoin funding from individual wealthy parties living in the Gulf States. Beverly Hills, California Larry is a successful Hollywood film producer and studio owner about to divorce his third wife. Bernie is a prominent Beverly Hills attorney and one of Larry's best friends. Bernie introduces Larry to Bitcoin expert and accountant Todd Smith prior to an asset search linked to his pending divorce. Beijing, China Peter is a software engineer and designer working in Beijing, China for a large Bitcoin exchange company. Peter develops mobile Bitcoin software that allows coins to transfer instantly to the firm's existing accounts at no cost and with no verification delays. Southeast Portland, Oregon In their mid-forties, cryptocurrency supporters Paul and Sarina own an attractive Bakery in Portland, Oregon, which accepts Bitcoin. Each week Sarina also compensates several employees paying them a portion of their check in Bitcoin. She transfers the Bitcoin through a mobile device using Peter's new software. Great Falls, South Carolina Charlie is a thirty-year-old intellectually challenged man living and working in South Carolina. Through no fault of his own, he becomes a pawn in a massive US Government criminal prosecution.

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