The Bitcoin Manifesto

The Bitcoin Manifesto

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by Aurelia

In 142 pages the Bitcoin Mainfesto is a Bitcoin call to action. It won't belittle your intelligence with the amateurish sales pitches often surrounding Bitcoin. It won't talk down to you by claiming Bitcoin is something that it can't possibly be. It will talk honestly about the flaws and strengths of Bitcoin, which is missing in much of the discussion now taking place. The Bitcoin Manifesto joins the many voices calling for serious dialogue about the serious future of this technology. "[Bitcoin] is a techno tour de force..." said Bill Gates in a 2013 interview. Gates is right; it is a techno tour de force. Being such an important technology, it's surprising that there are so many lies surrounding Bitcoin. It's opponents lie, it's proponents lie, and anyone watching from the outside of that debate is left clueless. Plenty out there are looking to elevate that debate, including Aurelia in the Bitcoin Manifesto. - Don't buy this book if you're looking for a "how to guide" or a "Bitcoin for Dummies" - Don't buy this book if you are looking for an investment guide - Don't buy this book if you want a Bitcoin puff piece - Buy this book if you want an honest discussion on Bitcoin professionally written by an established entrepreneur and investor, professionally edited by an internationally respected team, and with professionally created cover art from a cutting edge studio. Insightful thought leaders are taking the discussion of Bitcoin to the next level. With the Bitcoin Manifesto, Aurelia has put herself among them.

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