The Bitcoin Tutor: Unlocking the Secrets of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Tutor: Unlocking the Secrets of Bitcoin

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by Marc a Carignan

The Bitcoin Tutor: Unlocking the Secrets of Bitcoin

"The Bitcoin Tutor" is dedicated to assisting people to learn about, use and profit from Bitcoin, the future of money. Rather than another book on Bitcoin technology, "The Bitcoin Tutor" provides clear explanations that unlock the secrets to the world of Bitcoin.

This book answers important questions including: What is Bitcoin and what are cryptocurrencies? Who invested Bitcoin and what makes this technology so unique? Is Bitcoin a new type of money and could it replace physical money? With all the risks associates with Bitcoin, how can you invest safely? What is Bitcoin's future and how can you profit from this knowledge?

"The Bitcoin Tutor" provides 20 diagrams and step-by-step instructions, a glossary describing all the important Bitcoin concepts and the most detailed index available in any book on the subject.

About the Author

Marc A. Carignan is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has led worldwide teams in several software, internet and mobile startups, including engineering, consulting, training, sales and support organizations. He is an executive and an executive coach to technology companies and has traveled extensively while doing business in over 35 countries.

Marc is passionate about Bitcoin. He has learned through his own challenges and successes about this new world of cryptocurrencies, studying the technology, learning to invest and teaching people about Bitcoin. He shares his knowledge in "The Bitcoin Tutor" to help you profit from his research and first-hand experiences, and to avoid the pitfalls of going it alone.

Visit for more tools and resources. As the world of Bitcoin is changing rapidly, this website provides up-to-date information and learning opportunities to help you participate in the Bitcoin revolution and to do it safely. With the books, videos, and other resources available, it's like having your own personal Bitcoin tutor!

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