The Jaunty Guide to Bitcoin

The Jaunty Guide to Bitcoin

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by Michael S Rolls

What is Bitcoin? How do you use it? Why would you want to use it? This book covers the basics of Bitcoin in a simple and readable style. You don't need to know your Private Keys from your Public Keys, you don't need to know what precisely the blockchain is and you certainly don't need to be a maths whizz. This book will tell you what you need to know and will give you an introduction to how the Bitcoin community works. Plus, it includes a bonus chapter covering the Mt Gox debacle you may have heard about. What was Mt Gox? What happened to it? What happened to the Bitcoins stored there? Such questions are explored to give you some idea of the risks of storing Bitcoin at online exchanges. Includes chapters covering: What is Bitcoin? Who created it? Where does it come from? How Does Bitcoin Work? How Do You Start Using Bitcoin? Where Do You get a Bitcoin Wallet? How Do You Store Bitcoin? Where Can You Use Bitcoin? What Can You Buy? What Was Mt Gox? How Did it Fail? What Can We Learn From Mt Gox? There is lots of information about Bitcoin available, but how do you distinguish the worthwhile and accurate information from the inaccurate? This book is a start - your first step to understanding the world of Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general.

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