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The Journey of a Lifetime - Yoga for the Warrior Athlete

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Come take a journey with Ryan Muetzel as he takes you through his amazing discovery of becoming a vegan raw foodist implementing yoga, juicing, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to heal his body and take his sports performance to levels he was never able to achieve before.  Part of nationally ranked and national championship athletic teams in football, basketball and track and field from his High School days at St. Ignatius in Cleveland, Ohio, Ryan then went on to participate in collegiate Track & Field and afterwards began training for the Olympics.  After a devastating knee injury, Ryan then went on to work and train at some of the top professional training facilities in the country, getting the opportunity to work with the top NFL, MLB and NBA players, as well as many of the best UFC/MMA Fighters, during his time working in Florida for Perfect Competition, TEST Football Academy and Athlete's Edge.  Still unable to discover what he was truly looking for, Ryan came across a mysterious stranger in Las Vegas, Atlas, whom he began training with, and who started him down his "Journey of a Lifetime."  Anyone looking to improve their athletic performance, get into better shape, lose a few pounds and connect spiritually with world around them would benefit greatly from reading this book.

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