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Yoga for the Cage Fighter in All of Us - An MMA Fighter's Journey to the Light

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Collegiate and Olympic Wrestler Nik Fekete (@NikFekete) takes a journey into the light in this book.  From his days wrestling at Michigan State with UFC Fighters Gray Maynard and Rashad Evans, to his being an alternate on the USA Olympic Team, and his eventual signing with Bellator MMA, this book shows how Nik handles a tough loss and eventually heals his body from the years of wear and tear from wrestling and MMA fighting through Raw, Vegan Foods, Yoga, Juicing, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  This book takes you on Nik's journey of self-healing and athletic performance enhancement for MMA through alternative training methods and changes in nutrition.  This all leads up to Nik's next fight, which was sure to have a different outcome.  A must-read for anyone into UFC, Bellator and all Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

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